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W.D. Kutter

That's me!

Name Wolfram D. Kutter
Date of birth May 1st 1941 in Kempten / Allgäu
Parents deceased
Brothers and sisters three brothers, one sister (deceased)
Married to Andrea
Children Sabine, married with Benjamin
Martin, married with Nicole
Grand children two boys - Nik und Til
Languages German, English, Swiss German, some French
Hobbies hiking, rock and ice climbing, ski tours, theatre, concerts, classical music (I play the piano, the trumpet, the trombone and the violin although that one rather hesitantly), and books (mainly on mountains, of course)
Passions The mountains of this world !
  There they are experiences which have nothing to do with the mountains...
Profession see job experience (pdf-file)

In my book "What move me (has)" on caputre "8. Beginn meiner berufliche Karriere" you will find a spoker xmas-story via qr-code.

play xmas-story anno 1978 (german language)

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